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En esta parte, analizamos extractos de guiones de películas para entender el uso del inglés cotidiano auténtico. Lee los fragmentos e intenta comprenderlos. Luego, lee la explicación del vocabulario. Finalmente, vuelve a leer el texto.

Recomendaciones para aprender inglés con películas

Elige escenas cortas, retrocede la película y vuelve a mirarlas. Para eso, marca el comienzo de la escena pulsando el botón "A-B" de tu reproductor de DVD. Cuando termine la escena, pulsa el mismo botón y se volverá a repetir la escena automáticamente.

Desactiva los subtítulos en español. Si aún no logras entender el diálogo, activa la opción "CC" (Closed Caption) en tu televisor para ver los subtítulos en inglés.

Intenta mirar películas que conozcas y hayas visto. Dado que ya sabes lo que sucede en la trama, podrás concentrarte en el vocabulario y las expresiones usadas en las conversaciones.

Repite las frases que escuchas y si no entiendes algo, utiliza un diccionario.

Presta atención a la pronunciación y la entonación. De esta forma, irás entrenando el oído para identificar las palabras, lo cual ciertamente te ayudará a mejorar tu comprensión del inglés.

Learn English with The Proposal MR. GILBERTSON: Ms. Mills, I'm with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and I'm deporting you to Canada.
MARGARET: Excuse me? What? This is a mistake. I've lived here since 1981. I'm applying for citizenship.
MR. GILBERTSON: You need citizenship now? After the big promotion?
MARGARET: Yes, and all the papers are in.
MR. GILBERTSON: Well, my office is going to reject your paperwork on Monday, while we investigate whether your behavior is well disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States. We must protect our sovereignty.
MARGARET: I'm a threat to the sovereignty of the United States?
MR. GILBERTSON: Yes, and unfortunately my investigation will take a while, so you'll be deported while your case winds through the system. Will it affect you at work if you aren't allowed to enter the U.S. for the next two to three years?
MARGARET: Affect me at work? I'll lose my job!
MR. GILBERTSON: Oh, that's a shame. Too bad we can't work something out.
citizenship ciudadanía. Citizen es ciudadano.
all the papers are in todos los papeles fueron entregados
to reject something rechazar algo
paperwork papeleo, trabajo administrativo
whether si
threat amenaza. El verbo amenazar se dice to threaten.
to wind serpentear
shame pena, lástima
to work something out pensar en una solución, planear algo

We're getting married!

MARGARET: Know what, Dante? I'm not going anywhere! We're getting married!
RICHARD: Who's getting married?
RICHARD: You and him?
MARGARET: Stop playing around, honey. Mr. Gilbertson is from the INS. I told him about us. About us getting married.
MR. GILBERTSON: You are marrying your male secretary?
RICHARD: Assistant.
MR. GILBERTSON: You are marrying your male assistant?
MARGARET: We're in love. We tried to fight it. When it's right, it's right.
MR. GILBERTSON: And this has nothing to do with my visit here today?
MARGARET: Nope. True love. Got it bad.
MR. GILBERTSON: (to Richard) You, is this true? Are you marrying this woman?
MARGARET: Of course we are.
RICHARD: Uh-huh. I'm, er, marrying my boss.
MR. GILBERTSON: Five years in prison and a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine.
MR. GILBERTSON: If I prove you're lying, you go to federal prison for five years. (to Richard) You, do you know what you're getting yourself into? We're going to put you in a room and ask you every detail that a real couple would know about each other. Do you even know her favorite color?
to get married to somebody casarse con alguien. Notar el uso de la preposición to. También puede decirse to marry somebody (sin preposición).
to play around juguetear, divertirse
honey Literalmente, significa miel. En este caso se usa como apelativo, equivalente al español 'cariño'.
INS Abreviatura de Immigration and Naturalization Service
male masculino
to be in love estar enamorado
nope Forma coloquial informal de no
we got it bad nos agarró fuerte
uh-huh Interjección que significa sí y equivale al español 'ajá'
er Interjección que equivale a 'eh...'
fine multa
to lie mentir. No debe confundirse con el verbo to lay. Para aprender más, ver Lay or lie?
to get oneself into something meterse en algo


GRANDMA ANNIE: Now, Richard, what I want to know is how you proposed.
RICHARD:, um, I...
GEOFFREY: Yeah, how did you pop the question?
MARGARET: Can I tell this one, honey?
RICHARD: Oh, sure.
MARGARET: I'm an early, early riser and go for a run everyday. Well, it was our six-month anniversary and I was out for my normal jog in the park, when who do I see in a horse-drawn carriage, wearing a tux, and waiting for me halfway through my run? Richard! So I ran up to the carriage and asked him what was going on, and he puts his finger to his lips and says, "Shhhh." So there I am in my jogging clothes, next to the most handsome mute in the world - have you seen him in a tux? - riding like a sweaty princess and smiling ear to ear. A couple of minutes later, we arrive at 'Tavern on the Green'. Best part, we're the only people in the place because Richard got them to open up early. Well, we go to our table, sit down, and just as the sun starts to peek above the trees, this beautiful man gets down on one knee and says 'I didn't want one more sunrise to go by without you knowing that you are the light of my life, and that I would be the luckiest man in the world if you would be my wife. Margaret Mary Mills, will you marry me?' I said yes!
GRANDMA ANNIE: You are a good boy, Richard, and you make me very proud. I love you, Richy.
RICHARD: I love you too, Grandma.
to propose to somebody proponerle matrimonio a alguien. Proposal significa proposición matrimonial.
yeah Forma coloquial de yes (sí)
to pop the question pedirle la mano a alguien
early riser madrugador. El opuesto es late riser (dormilón).
to go for a run/jog hacer footing
horse-drawn carriage carruaje tirado por caballos
tux Contracción de tuxedo (smoking, chaqueta)
halfway through a medio camino de
handsome apuesto, buen mozo, guapo
mute mudo
sweaty sudado, transpirado
to smile ear to ear sonreír de oreja a oreja
to peek echar un vistazo, mirar a hurtadillas. Para aprender otras formas de mirar, ver Ways of looking.
to get down on one knee arrodillarse con una pierna
sunrise amanecer, salida del sol. El opuesto es sunset (atardecer, puesta del sol).
to go by pasar
proud orgulloso. Pride es orgullo.


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