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Learn English with songs

Las letras de canciones en inglés resultan muy útiles para aprender palabras y expresiones nuevas, ya que muchas veces utilizan vocabulario informal y coloquial. También te pueden ayudar a comprender mejor el inglés hablado.

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Listening exercise

En este ejercicio puedes practicar tu comprensión auditiva. Pulsa el botón Video para escuchar la canción y rellena los espacios blancos con las palabras que faltan.

No intentes comprender todo el texto, solamente concéntrate en las palabras que debes completar.

Cuando termines, puedes ver la letra de la canción con la traducción al español y las explicaciones del vocabulario utilizado.

Versión para imprimir

by Anita Renfroe

Get up now.
Get up now.
Get up out of bed.
Wash your .
Brush your .
Comb your sleepy head.
Here's your clothes,
And your .
Hear the words I said.
Get up now.
Get up and make your bed.

Are you hot?
Are you cold?
Are you wearing that?
Where's your books,
And your lunch,
And your at?
Grab your coat and your gloves
And your and hat.
Don't forget you gotta feed the cat.

Eat your breakfast.
The experts tell us
It's the most important meal of all.
Take your
So you will grow up one day
To be big and tall.
Please remember the orthodontist
Will be seeing you at today.
Don't forget
Your piano lesson is this afternoon.
So you must play.

Don't shovel.
But hurry,
The bus is here.
Be careful.
Come back here.
Did you wash behind your ?

Play outside.
Don't play .
Would you just play fair?
Be polite.
Make a friend.
Don't forget to share.
Work it out.
Wait your turn.
Never take a .
Get along.
Don't make me come down there.

Clean your .
Fold your clothes.
Put your stuff away.
Make your .
Do it now.
Do we have all day?
Were you born in a ?
Would you like some hay?
Can you even hear
A word I say?

Answer the phone.
Get off the phone.
Don't sit so close.
Turn it .
No texting at the table.
No more computer time tonight.
Your iPod's my iPod
If you don't listen up.

Where are you going and with whom,
And what time do you think
You're coming ?
Saying thank you, please, excuse me,
Makes you welcome
Everywhere you .

You'll appreciate my wisdom,
Someday when you're older
And you're grown.
Can't wait till you have
A little children of your own.

You'll thank me for the counsel
I gave you so willingly.
But right now
I thank you not to your eyes at me.

Close your mouth when you ,
Would appreciate.
Take a bite,
Maybe two,
Of the stuff you hate.
Use your .
Do not burp.
Or I'll set you straight.
Eat the food I put upon your .

Get an A, get the door,
Don't get smart with me.
Get a .
Get in here, I'll count to three.
Get a job.
Get a life.
Get a PhD.
Get a dose of
"I don't care who started it.
You're until your 36."

Get your story straight.
And tell the truth for once, for heaven's !
And if all your friends jumped off a cliff,
Would you jump too?

If I've said it once,
I've said at least a thousand times before that.
You're too old to act this way.
It must be your father's DNA.
Look at me when I am talking.
Stand up straight when you .
A place for everything,
And everything must be in place.
Stop crying or I'll give you
Something real to cry about.

Brush your teeth.
Wash your face.
Put your PJs on.
Get in bed.
Get a .
Say a prayer with mom.
Don't forget,
I love you.

And tomorrow we will do this all again
Because a mom's work never .
You don't need the reason why.
Because, because,
Because, because
I said so. I said so.
I said so. I said so.
I'm the mom.
The mom. The mom.
The mom. The mom.


Ver la letra completa con la traducción y explicaciones del vocabulario

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That's curious!
The word cardigan, meaning a knitted jacket fastened with buttons, was named after James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan. This piece of garment was first worn by British soldiers during the cold winter of Crimea, where the Earl led the Light Brigade in the Crimea War in 1854.

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