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En esta parte, analizamos extractos de guiones de películas para entender el uso del inglés cotidiano auténtico. Lee los fragmentos e intenta comprenderlos. Luego, lee la explicación del vocabulario. Finalmente, vuelve a leer el texto.

Recomendaciones para aprender inglés
con películas

Elige escenas cortas, retrocede la película y vuelve a mirarlas. Para eso, marca el comienzo de la escena pulsando el botón "A-B" de tu reproductor de DVD. Cuando termine la escena, pulsa el mismo botón y se volverá a repetir la escena automáticamente.

Desactiva los subtítulos en español. Si aún no logras entender el diálogo, activa la opción "CC" (Closed Caption) en tu televisor para ver los subtítulos en inglés.

Intenta mirar películas que conozcas y hayas visto. Dado que ya sabes lo que sucede en la trama, podrás concentrarte en el vocabulario y las expresiones usadas en las conversaciones.

Repite las frases que escuchas y si no entiendes algo, utiliza un diccionario.

Presta atención a la pronunciación y la entonación. De esta forma, irás entrenando el oído para identificar las palabras, lo cual ciertamente te ayudará a mejorar tu comprensión del inglés.

Learn English with Dead Poets Society KEATING: How do we, like Whitman, permit our own true natures to speak? How do we strip ourselves of prejudices, habits, influences? The answer, my dear lads, is that we must constantly endeavor to find a new point of view.

(He leaps onto his desk.)

Why do I stand here? To feel taller than you? I stand on my desk to remind myself that we must constantly force ourselves to look at things differently. The world looks different from up here. If you don't believe it, stand up here and try it. All of you. Take turns. Try never to think about anything the same way twice. If you're sure about something, force yourself to think about it another way, even if you know it's wrong or silly. When you read, don't consider only what the author thinks, but take the time to consider what you think. You must strive to find your own voice, boys, and the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. Thoreau said, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation." I ask, why be resigned to that? Risk walking new ground. Now. A flame in your hearts could change the world, lads. Nurture it.
to strip Literalmente es desnudarse. En este caso, se utiliza en sentido figurado para indicar liberarse de algo.
lad chaval, muchacho
to endeavor intentar, procurar. En inglés americano se escribe endeavor y en inglés británico se escribe endeavour.
to leap saltar, dar un brinco
to strive esforzarse por hacer algo
the less likely es menos probable
to lead a life llevar una vida
to risk arriesgarse. Es importante recordar que este verbo es seguido del gerundio (-ing).
flame llama
to nurture criar, cultivar, aumentar. To nurture a friendship es cultivar una amistad.

 I stand on my desk to remind myself that we must constantly force ourselves to look at things differently. The world looks different from up here.

NEIL: I've found it.
TODD: Found what?
NEIL: What I want to do! Right now. What is really inside of me.
TODD: A Midsummer Night's Dream? What is it?
NEIL: A play, dummy.
TODD: I know that. What's it got to do with you?
NEIL: They're putting it on at Henley Hall. See, open try-outs.
NEIL: So I'm gonna act! Ever since I can remember I've wanted to try it. Last summer I even tried to go to summer stock auditions but of course my father wouldn't let me.
TODD: And now he will?
NEIL: No, but that's not the point. The point is for the first time in my whole life, I know what I want, and for the first time I'm gonna do it whether my father wants me to or not! Carpe diem!
TODD: Neil, how are you gonna be in a play if your father won't let you?
NEIL: First I gotta get the part, then I'll worry about that.
TODD: Won't he kill you if you don't let him know you're auditioning?
NEIL: As far as I'm concerned, he won't have to know about any of it.
TODD: Come on, that's impossible.
dummy bobo. Literalmente significa maniquí.
to put on En este caso significa presentar (una obra).
open try-outs pruebas/audiciones abiertas
whether my father wants me to or not mi padre quiera o no
carpe diem Es una expresión latina usada con frecuencia en la película que significa "aprovecha el momento".
as far as I'm concerned en lo que respecta a mí


KEATING: What Knox has done demonstrates an important point, not only in writing poetry, but in every endeavor. That is, deal with the important things in life: love, beauty, truth, justice. And don't limit poetry to the word. Poetry can be found in a work of art, music, a photograph, in the way a meal is prepared --anything with the stuff of revelation in it. It can exist in the most everyday things but it must never, never be ordinary. By all means, write about the sky or a girl's smile but when you do, let your poetry conjure up salvation day, doomsday, any day, I don't care, as long as it enlightens us, thrills us and, if it's inspired, makes us feel a bit immortal.
MEEKS: Oh, Captain, My Captain. Is there poetry in math?
KEATING: Absolutely, Mr. Dalton, there is elegance in mathematics. If everyone wrote poetry, the planet would starve, for God's sake. But there must be poetry, and we must stop to notice it, in even the simplest acts of living, or we will have wasted the truly wonderful opportunity that life as human beings offers us. That said, who wants to recite next? Come on. I'll get to everyone eventually.
endeavor Como sustantivo, significa esfuerzo. En inglés americano se escribe endeavor y en inglés británico se escribe endeavour.
to deal with something ocuparse de algo
by all means de todas formas, por supuesto
to conjure up evocar, hacer aparecer
to enlighten iluminar
to thrill emocionar
to starve morirse de hambre
for God's sake! ¡por Dios!
to notice notar, observar
the simplest los más simples
eventually finalmente


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That's curious!
Sandwich The word sandwich comes from the English diplomat John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. He was such a compulsive gambler that to avoid stopping the game to eat, he would order that this kind of food was brought to his table so as not to waste too much time.

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