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En esta parte, analizamos extractos de guiones de películas para entender el uso del inglés cotidiano auténtico. Lee los fragmentos e intenta comprenderlos. Luego, lee la explicación del vocabulario. Finalmente, vuelve a leer el texto.

Recomendaciones para aprender inglés
con películas

Elige escenas cortas, retrocede la película y vuelve a mirarlas. Para eso, marca el comienzo de la escena pulsando el botón "A-B" de tu reproductor de DVD. Cuando termine la escena, pulsa el mismo botón y se volverá a repetir la escena automáticamente.

Desactiva los subtítulos en español. Si aún no logras entender el diálogo, activa la opción "CC" (Closed Caption) en tu televisor para ver los subtítulos en inglés.

Intenta mirar películas que conozcas y hayas visto. Dado que ya sabes lo que sucede en la trama, podrás concentrarte en el vocabulario y las expresiones usadas en las conversaciones.

Repite las frases que escuchas y si no entiendes algo, utiliza un diccionario.

Presta atención a la pronunciación y la entonación. De esta forma, irás entrenando el oído para identificar las palabras, lo cual ciertamente te ayudará a mejorar tu comprensión del inglés.

Learn English with Jaws BRODY: Are you asking me as the Mayor, or as a Real Estate broker, or out of friendly interest, or what, Larry?
VAUGHN: I just want you aware of what you're doing before you tinker with the life blood of all those sage and discriminating souls who elected you. Next week's the goddam Fourth of July! We've got a couple thousand summer people coming over here who will gladly use the Cape Cod beaches if they can't use ours.
BRODY: So what you're suggesting is we lay out a smorgasbord for the shark. All you can eat for the price of a weekend on Amity Island.
VAUGHN: We're not even sure it was a shark.
BRODY: What else could do that!
Mayor Alcalde
Real Estate Bienes Inmuebles
broker agente, corredor
aware of something conciente, enterado. To be aware of something significa ser conciente de algo. To become aware of something significa darse cuenta de algo.
to tinker juguetear
sage sabio/a
souls almas
goddam maldito/a. También se utiliza la forma goddamned.
to lay out preparar, disponer
smorgasbord bufet libre, donde se puede comer todo lo que uno desea
shark tiburón. Si bien el nombre de la película en español es "Tiburón", el título original es "Jaws", que significa mandíbulas. 


MEADOWS: Whatever was out there is miles out to sea by now. Sharks don't have swim bladders like most fish -- they have to keep moving or drown. Don't you know anything about them?
BRODY: I...don't go around the water much.
VAUGHN: It's one chance in a million this will happen again.
by now en este momento
swim bladder vejiga natatoria
to drown ahogarse
one chance in a million una posibilidad en un millón

 I just want you aware of what you're doing before you tinker with the life blood of all those sage and discriminating souls who elected you.

VAUGHN: I'm glad everyone could make this meeting. Why don't we wander down the hall to my office where there's room.
MEADOWS: Don't keep us in suspense, Mayor. What's the verdict?
BRODY: Larry and I have agreed to close all beaches for a limited period of time to give us a chance to contact the Port Authority and United States Coast Guard out on Montaux.
MRS. TAFT: Well, that could take all summer!
VAUGHN: Twenty-four hours.
BRODY: We never agreed to that.
MR. WISEMAN: I do a thrifty business here, but I'll not see it flourish at the price of any more lives.
MRS. TAFT: Three reservations cancelled and I still have August rentals open.
to wander vagar, desviarse, dar una vuelta. Para aprender otras formas de caminar, ver Ways of walking.
there's room hay lugar, espacio
to keep mantener
to agree to something acordar algo. Notar el uso de la preposición to.
thrifty económico, de poca monta
to flourish prosperar, florecer. Puede usarse para hablar de plantas, pero también en forma figurada, para referirse a personas, empresas o negocios.
at the price of Es una expresión fija cuyo equivalente en español es "a costa de".
rental alquiler. Recordemos que to rent significa alquilar (una casa o un vehículo) y the rent es la suma que se paga.


BRODY: Any luck?
HOOPER: Might be for you, Mr. Brody. I think it's all over.
BRODY: How can you be sure?
HOOPER: The sea is full of fish again for one thing. You won't find sea life in the territory of a Great White. All the fish we saw in the ocean today, you'd think they were celebrating. I played low-frequency music underwater -- that usually works faster than blood.
BRODY: Are you feeling okay?
HOOPER: There are signals in the water. I can always read them. And the currents are shifting.
BRODY: Vaughn's going to want a statement. What about taking precautions?
luck suerte. Algunas frases relacionadas son good luck (buena suerte), bad luck (mala suerte), to be in luck (estar de suerte), a lucky break (un golpe de suerte).
it's all over todo ha terminado
current corriente
to shift cambiar, modificarse
statement declaración, comunicado
to take precautions tomar precauciones, medidas


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That's curious!
The word cardigan, meaning a knitted jacket fastened with buttons, was named after James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan. This piece of garment was first worn by British soldiers during the cold winter of Crimea, where the Earl led the Light Brigade in the Crimea War in 1854.

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