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En esta parte, analizamos extractos de guiones de películas para entender el uso del inglés cotidiano auténtico. Lee los fragmentos e intenta comprenderlos. Luego, lee la explicación del vocabulario. Finalmente, vuelve a leer el texto.

Recomendaciones para aprender inglés
con películas

Elige escenas cortas, retrocede la película y vuelve a mirarlas. Para eso, marca el comienzo de la escena pulsando el botón "A-B" de tu reproductor de DVD. Cuando termine la escena, pulsa el mismo botón y se volverá a repetir la escena automáticamente.

Desactiva los subtítulos en español. Si aún no logras entender el diálogo, activa la opción "CC" (Closed Caption) en tu televisor para ver los subtítulos en inglés.

Intenta mirar películas que conozcas y hayas visto. Dado que ya sabes lo que sucede en la trama, podrás concentrarte en el vocabulario y las expresiones usadas en las conversaciones.

Repite las frases que escuchas y si no entiendes algo, utiliza un diccionario.

Presta atención a la pronunciación y la entonación. De esta forma, irás entrenando el oído para identificar las palabras, lo cual ciertamente te ayudará a mejorar tu comprensión del inglés.

Learn English with SupermanJOR-EL: Your name is Kal-El. You are the only survivor of the planet Krypton. Although you have been raised as a human, you are not one of them. Your road has been a difficult one; it will continue to be. You have great powers but you are confused as to how to use them. All this I know. Here in this fortress, a place of solitude, I will train you for the tasks that lie ahead. Now let us work together to complete your education. Over the years I have instructed you in all the languages, arts and sciences of Earth as well as the far more advanced knowledge of Krypton. Now, my son, we turn to a more difficult subject: virtue. How does a good man live? This is not yet -not even on Krypton- a precise science..
survivor sobreviviente. El verbo sobrevivir se dice to survive.
although aunque
to raise somebody educar a alguien. Se refiere a la educación recibida en la casa.
fortress fuerte
a place of solitude un lugar solitario
to train somebody for something entrenar a alguien para algo. Entrenador se dice trainer y la persona que recibe el entrenamiento se dice trainee.
task tarea
let us work permítanos trabajar
over the years a través de los años
to instruct somebody in something enseñar algo a alguien. La persona que enseña se dice instructor.
far more advanced mucho más avanzado. Para aprender a realizar comparaciones, ver Comparatives and Superlatives.
to turn to something dedicarse a algo
more difficult más difícil. Para aprender a realizar comparaciones, ver Comparatives and Superlatives.

 You are the only survivor of the planet Krypton

LOIS: Well, how are you enjoying your first day on the job?
CLARK: I think I lost a week's salary at the dart board.
LOIS: Some people aren't the athletic type.
CLARK: But otherwise it's swell.
LOIS: 'Swell.' When was the last time I heard anybody say it? Where are you from, anyway?
CLARK: I doubt you ever heard of it. A little town called Smallville.
LOIS: Well, you're going to find Metropolis is a pretty tough town compared to it.
How are you enjoying your first day? ¿Cómo le está yendo en su primer día?
a week's salary el salario de una semana
dart board tablero de dardos
otherwise sino, de lo contrario
swell fenomenal, bárbaro
the last time la última vez
Where are you from? ¿De dónde es usted?
to doubt something dudar de algo. Una duda se dice a doubt.
pretty tough bastante duro
compared to comparado con. Notar el uso de la preposición to.


CLARK: Would you be interested in dinner?
LOIS: Thanks, Clark, but I'm booked for the night.
LOIS: It's not what you think. Darn it! I'm going out on a story. The Secretary of Defense is landing at the airport tonight and this kid's going to be there to make sure he answers a few questions he'd rather duck.
CLARK: Don't you ever give up?
LOIS: For what? Oh, I've seen the way the other half lives. My sister, for instance. It looks terrific, but is that what I really want? Three kids, two cats, and fifteen needlepoint pillows? I'd go bananas after one week. Hell, I need this crazy existence of mine. Like I need the plague, right? That's what you're thinking.
CLARK: No. I'm just thinking that you smoke too much, if you don't mind my saying so.
LOIS: There's no real proof that tobacco...
CLARK: Lois, you should see what the inside of your lungs look like.
LOIS: I appreciate the advice, okay? But I've got a story to do.
CLARK: Can I take you to the airport?
LOIS: Not unless you can fly...
Would you be...? ¿Estaría usted…?
to be interested in something estar interesado en algo. Notar el uso de la preposición in.
to be booked estar ocupado. Significa que ya se tienen otros planes fijados. También se usa para referirse a una reserva: To book a table in a restaurant significa reservar una mesa en un restaurant.
darn it! ¡Caray! Es una forma más suave de decir Damn it! (¡Maldición!)
to land at the airport aterrizar en el aeropuerto. El verbo to land significa llegar, o en referencia a un avión, aterrizar. Si es seguido del lugar, se debe usar la preposición at. Por ejemplo, 'The plane landed at London at 16.45'. (El tren aterrizó en Londres a las 16.45.)
to duck esquivar, eludir
to give up abandonar
the other half la otra mitad
for instance por ejemplo
terrific estupendo, maravilloso
to go bananas volverse loco. Es una expresión informal, coloquial. Otra expresión que también significa lo mismo es to go mad.
too much demasiado
if you don't mind my saying so si no le molesta que lo diga
proof prueba
lungs pulmones
advice consejo. El verbo aconsejar se escribe to advise. Para hablar de 'un consejo' en singular, se debe usar la frase a piece of advice, ya que advice es incontable. La expresión to ask for advice significa pedir un consejo. To take somebody's advice equivale a seguir los consejos de alguien. To take legal advice significa consultar a un abogado.
unless a menos que

Clark Kent, if you had only seen it the way I did...

CLARK: It's ridiculous!
LOIS: I'm telling you, I was there.
CLARK: You were probably so scared you didn't look to see what the trick was.
LOIS: It wasn't a trick!
CLARK: Oh, sure. A man flies in the sky like a pigeon and it wasn't a trick.
LOIS: Clark Kent, if you had only seen it the way I did...
CLARK: It was done with wires. They must have rigged him like they do with Peter Pan.
LOIS: There weren't any wires. I looked.
CLARK: Mirrors, then. It's done with mirrors.
LOIS: He grabbed me! He held me! He set me down gently! How could that be done with mirrors?
CLARK: Look, there was probably a trampoline on the roof somewhere and this joker just took a big bounce.
LOIS: Why would he do that? How would he know I was going to suddenly slip?
CLARK: I don't know, Lois, but I do know a fraud when I hear one. This thing goes against all natural laws.
LOIS: You're just jealous.
CLARK: Jealous? Of what?
LOIS: Of this... Superman.
CLARK: What'd you call him?
LOIS: Superman. Pretty good name for him, isn't it?
CLARK: Is that what they're calling him?
LOIS: They will, once I hang it on him in tomorrow's edition.
CLARK: Hmmm...
LOIS: It isn't that I still don't like you, Clark. It's just that... well, once you've had something like that happen to you, it kind of changes a girl. I'm going to make some coffee. You want some?
CLARK: No, thanks.
so scared (that) tan asustado (que)
trick truc
like a pigeon como una palom
wires cables. Como verbo, to wire significa conectar, cablear. Wireless significa sin cable, inalámbrico. Es importante aclarar que para hablar de la televisión por cable se dice cable TV.
to rig equipar
mirror espejo
to grab somebody agarrar a alguie
to hold somebody sostener a alguien
to set somebody down apoyar a alguien
on the roof sobre el piso
joker chistoso, bromista. En las cartas, se llama así al comodín.
a big bounce un gran salto. El verbo to bounce significa dar saltos o rebotar.
to slip resbalarse
fraud fraude, engaño
against all natural laws contra todas las leyes naturales
to be jealous of somebody estar celoso de alguien


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The word cardigan, meaning a knitted jacket fastened with buttons, was named after James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan. This piece of garment was first worn by British soldiers during the cold winter of Crimea, where the Earl led the Light Brigade in the Crimea War in 1854.

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