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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés

note (GB) = bill (US)
= piece of metal used to pay when travelling by train or underground. / receipt given as a present to somebody so that he spends it as he likes
= a pound
buck = a dollar
a euro

fiver = a £5 note
tenner = a £10 note
cheque (GB) = check (US)
currency = money used in a country
fund = sum of money saved
funds = financial resources
finance (noun) = management of money
shares = acciones
bonds = bonos
assets = what you achieve and possess
to pay cash
to pay by cheque
to pay by credit card

= giro
= giro en descubierto
postal order
= giro postal
money order = orden de pago
a deposit
to deposit
to withdraw
to cash a cheque
= money in your account
bank statement = resumen bancario
bank charges = what the bank charges for their service
interest rate
= cajero
= cajero
= cajero automático
safe = caja fuerte
vault = bóveda
treasury = tesoro
exchange rate

to lend
to borrow
a loan
to loan = to lend
to owe
to pay back
due = owed
= vencido
a debt
expense account
= viáticos
to spend on something
to invest in something
an investment
to pawn
= empeñar
a pawnbroker
= hipoteca

comfortably off = rich
well-off = quite rich
badly-off = poor
your account is in red = you are in the red
to be on the red line
= cover the minimum necessities
to be tight
to be penniless
to be broke
to go/be bankrupt - bankruptcy

to inherit = receive money, properties from an ancestor
heir (masculine) - heiress (feminine) = person who inherits something
to make a fortune = earn a lot of money by working
to win a fortune = win a lot of money on a bet, game, etc.
to run into debt = endeudarse 
to be (heavily) in debt = tener (muchas) deudas
to be up to one's ears in debt
= estar muy endeudado
to be broke
= estar en bancarrota
to be on the dole
= estar cobrando el paro/subsidio de desempleo

retail = venta minorista

wholesale = venta mayorista
to buy something in bulk = comprar por bulto cerrado
to give somebody a treat
to cost (cost, cost)
to haggle over sth
= ask for a lower price
to cut down = to reduce
cuts = reductions
to squander = throw away money - a squanderer
stake money
= money used to bet
to pay in instalments = pay in amounts of money every month
hire purchase
at cheap rates
cheap-rate time
= time when the rate is cheaper
off-peak time = time when the rate is cheaper
peak time = time when the rate is more expensive
to refund
a refund


budget = presupuesto
upkeep = money needed to keep up something
economical = that doesn't spend much
economic = related to economy

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