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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
¿Qué es un idiom?
Un "idiom" o "idiomatic expression" es una frase idiomática utilizada en lenguaje coloquial informal.

En general, el significado de la frase en sí es diferente al significado normal de cada palabra por separado. Por ejemplo, "to let the cat out of the bag" significa "revelar un secreto". Si traducimos palabra por palabra, sería "dejar salir al gato de la bolsa", lo cual es incorrecto.

La dificultad para los estudiantes de inglés radica en que no pueden traducirse literalmente y deben aprenderse de memoria, aunque en algunos casos existen equivalentes muy similares en el idioma español.

Lee las explicaciones y luego realiza el ejercicio.

  • bells and whistles = attractive but with superfluous additions.
    The new version of that computer program is just bells and whistles.
  • to ring a bell = sound familiar, revive a distant memory.
    His name rings a bell but I can't remember him.
  • to bell the cat = perform a very dangerous or risky task.
    The boss had to bell the cat and he finally dismissed him.
  • to be saved by the bell = be preserved from danger by an unexpected intervention.
    As they were fighting, the teacher came in. Tom was saved by the bell.
  • to be as clear as a bell = be very clear, easy to hear and understand.
    That is an excellent recording; the sound is as clear as a bell.
  • to be as sound as a bell = be in good condition.
    Since she stopped smoking, she's as sound as a bell.
  • to give somebody a bell = telephone somebody.
    I should give Mary a bell later.
  • alarm bells ring = used when you feel worried that something bad may be happening.
    When the kid failed to return home, alarm bells started to ring.

We thank Mónica Tur (from Islas Baleares, Spain) for her contribution.


Choose the right answer.

1. That face but I can't remember who she is.

2. That's not worth it. It's just .

3. Her voice came through the microphone .

4. Paul hadn't seen his girlfriend in all day, so in the evening he .

5. In spite of the car accident, she was fortunately .

6. That was a terrible decision but somebody had to .

7. When she was dismissed, . What would she do then?

8. You've been . But of course next time, we will continue!

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