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English Exercises - Ejercicios de inglés
Word building

Completa los recuadros con una palabra formada a partir de la palabra dada entre paréntesis.
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1. During the last years, there was a great (improve) in science and medicine.

2. When Mark entered the house, his mother looked at him in (astonish) .

3. The teacher fell on the floor and the kids roared with (laugh) .

4. There was a feeling of (sad) in her eyes.

5. Tim has always shown a lot of (interest) on stamps.

6. Do you have (permit) to go out?

7. I need an (enlarge) of this photograph.

8. Due to the fog, all flights had a delayed (arrive) .

9. Attention, please! I have an important (announce) to make.

10. The central bank has promised a (reduce) in interest rates.




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