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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés

surname = last name = family name
first name = forename = Christian name = given name (US)
middle name
full name

pen-name = pseudonym

maiden name
= a woman's family name before marriage
= person or thing having the same name as another
nameless = without a name
name day
= feast day of a saint whose name one bears

nameplate =
small sign showing the name of the owner or the person who works at a place

bad name =
bad reputation
good name =
good reputation
big/important name =
famous person
name to conjure with = name that is respected and influential

by the name of
= named
by name = using the person's name

in name only =
not in reality

in God's/Heaven's name
in the name of =
for the sake of

under the name of =
using a different name than the real one 
you name it =
everything you can think of

name-dropping = practice of mentioning names of famous people, to impress others
name-calling = action of insulting somebody
to call somebody names
= insult somebody
to call somebody all the names under the sun = insult somebody with a lot of unpleasant words
to clear somebody's name= prove that you didn't do something bad
to have something to one's name =
own something
to make a name for = become well known
to name somebody after = to give a name to somebody
to name names = give the names of people being criticized, accused, praised, etc
to take somebody's name in vain= talk about somebody without showing respect

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