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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Principal as an adjective means "the most important, main". As a noun, it means "the person who is in charge of a school, university or organization".
Principle is a noun that means "a moral rule, or the basic idea on which a system is based".
Principal como adjetivo significa "el más importante, fundamental". Como sustantivo, significa "la persona que está a cargo de una escuela, universidad u organización".
Principle es un sustantivo que significa "una regla moral, o la idea básica sobre la que se basa un sistema".
  • principal
    The principal reason for visiting London was to see the Big Ben.
    Ben is the principal character in the film.
    Our school has only five teachers and the principal.

  • principle
    Schools teach children a set of principles.
    The principles of French law were spread to other countries.
    Today at school we have learnt Archimedes' principle.

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