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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Cite is a verb that means "to mention something, or to give the exact words of something that has been written". It also means "to order somebody to appear before a court of law".
Site is a noun that means "a place or a position".
Cite es un verbo que significa "mencionar algo, o dar las palabras exactas de algo que ha sido escrito". También significa "ordenarle a alguien que se presente ante una corte de justicia".
Site es un sustantivo que significa "un lugar o una posición".
  • cite
    The lawyer cited the exact article of the constitution.
    Many different causes were cited as the cause of the accident.
    He was cited for his involvement in the robbery.

  • site
    This is the site of the proposed new airport.
    Our house was built on the site of a medieval castle.
    The police are still searching the site of the accident.

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