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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Elicit is a verb that means "to obtain something, specially when it is difficult".
Illicit is an adjective that means "illegal, not allowed by laws or rules".
Both are pronounced in the same way.
Elicit es un verbo que significa "obtener algo, especialmente cuando es difícil".
Illicit es un adjetivo que significa "ilegal, no permitido por leyes o reglas".
Ambos se pronuncian de la misma manera.
  • elicit
    This test uses drawings to elicit words from small children.
    The company tried to elicit information on the new market conditions.
    The judge's questions elicited the truth from the convict.

  • illicit
    Police are investigating how illicit drugs were introduced into the country.
    Illicit trade of cattle brings problems to the economy.
    Gambling is illicit in some states.

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