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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Ascent is a noun that means "the act of climbing or moving upwards".
Assent is a noun that means "agreement or approval". As a verb, to assent means "to agree".
Ascent es un sustantivo que significa "la acción de escalar o ir hacia arriba".
Assent es un sustantivo que significa "acuerdo o aprobación". Como verbo, to assent significa "estar de acuerdo".
  • ascent
    He made his first ascent of the Everest five years ago.
    Be careful, the ascent is really steep there.
    The President's ascent to power took place last January.

  • assent
    Parliament gave its assent to the new tax regulations.
    They assented to her request to work part-time.
    After thinking about it, he finally assented to her idea of moving.

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