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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Bend means to make or become curved, no longer straight.
Fold means the same but implies that surfaces touch.
Bend significa hacer curvo o encorvar, no quedar derecho.
Fold significa lo mismo pero implica que las superficies se tocan.
  • bend (bent, bent)
    He bent the wire with his hands.
    She bent down to pick up the coins.
    The branches of that tree are bending towards the road.

  • fold (folded, folded)
    This table folds up so it's easier to carry.
    Please fold your clothes, kids!
    Fold the paper along the dotted line.

  • Collocations:
    A road bends.
    You can bend your knees.
    A table/chair folds up.
    You can fold paper/your arms/clothes.

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