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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Although they are translated the same way in Spanish, these verbs have different meanings:

Wait means that you do something until something else happens.
Expect means that you think that something will happen.
Hope means that you want something to happen.
Aunque se traducen igual en español, estos verbos tienen diferentes significados:

Wait significa que haces algo hasta que otra cosa suceda.
Expect significa que piensas que algo ocurrirá.
Hope significa que deseas que algo ocurra.
  • wait
    I'm waiting for the bus.
    Wait for me!
    I will wait until she comes back.

  • expect
    I expect to arrive in a week (you think you will).
    We didn't expect her to stay so long.
    They expect to finish the work next month.

  • hope
    I hope to arrive in a week (you are not certain but you want to).
    I hope everything goes well.
    I hope you come.

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