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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Each refers to two or more objects/people individually. It is also used to refer to just one member of a group.
Every refers to all members of a group. It is also used in expressions of time to refer to a repeated action (for example 'every Sunday').
Each se refiere a dos o más objectos/personas individualmente. También se usa para referirse a solamente un miembro de un grupo.
Every se refiere a todos los miembros de un grupo. También se usa en expresiones de tiempo para referirse a una acción repetida (por ejemplo 'every Sunday').
  • each
    She had a bag in each hand.
    There are four bedrooms, each with its own shower.
    Each student has to bring some food.

  • every
    Every student has to bring some food.
    We play football every Sunday.
    Every six months I go to the dentist's.



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