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Brake means to make a vehicle go more slowly or stop. As a noun, it refers to the piece of equipment that has that function.
Break means to separate into pieces, to damage, to smash something. As a noun, it refers to a period of time when you stop working in order to rest.
Brake significa hacer que un vehículo vaya más despacio o se detenga. Como sustantivo, se refiere al equipamiento que tiene dicha función.
Break significa separar en pedazos, dañar, destrozar algo. Como sustantivo, se refiere a un período de tiempo cuando dejas de trabajar para descansar.
  • brake (braked, braked)
    He braked sharply to avoid the cat.
    The driver braked but couldn't stop the bus in time.
    The rear brakes are not working correctly.

  • break (broke, broken)
    He forgot his keys so he had to break a window to get into his house.
    Stop playing with my camera, you'll break it!
    Let's take a break and go for lunch.

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