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Vain is an adjective that means too proud of his/her good looks. The expression in vain means without positive results.
Vane is a noun. It refers to a blade that is moved by wind or water to produce power.
Vein is a noun. It refers to one of the tubes that carry blood to the heart.
Vain es un adjetivo que significa demasiado orgulloso de su belleza. La expresión in vain significa sin resultados positivos.
Vane es un sustantivo. Se refiere a una paleta movida por el viento o el agua para producir energía.
Vein es un sustantivo. Se refiere a uno de los tubos que transportan sangre al corazón.
  • vain
    She's so vain that nobody want to be with her.
    Police searched in vain for the burglar.

  • vane
    This machine is powered by a vane.
    If there is no wind, the vane will not move.

  • vein
    When they kissed, she felt the blood racing through her veins.
    His arms are so thin that you can see his veins.

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