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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Allude means to mention something or someone indirectly.
Elude means to escape from something or someone, to evade.
Allude significa mencionar algo o a alguien indirectamente.
Elude significa escapar de algo o alguien, evadir.
  • allude
    The candidate alluded to the recent scandal during the interview. (=He talked about it indirectly.)
    He didn't want to say who was fighting, but he alluded to our children.
    Some parts of the New Testament allude to parts of the Old Testament.

  • elude
    The candidate eluded the recent scandal during the interview. (=He didn't talk about it.)
    The actress eluded her fans by going out through the back door.
    They eluded the teacher and ran away to the street.

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