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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Disinterested means impartial, unbiased, able to judge something fairly because the person is not concerned with gaining any personal advantage from it.
Uninterested means not interested, indifferent. It's always followed by the preposition in.
Disinterested significa imparcial, objetivo, capaz de juzgar algo con justicia porque la persona no está preocupada en sacar ninguna ventaja personal de ello.
Uninterested significa no interesado, indiferente. Siempre va seguido de la preposición in.
  • disinterested
    A disinterested mediator facilitated the negotiations.
    A lawyer should provide disinterested advice.
    That journalist always tells the truth and he's disinterested.

  • uninterested
    He was uninterested in my offer.
    Young people are uninterested in world politics.
    She seemed uninterested in learning English.



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