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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Do relates to general actions.
Make relates to causing or creating something.
However, it's better to learn the fixed expressions.
Do se refiere a acciones generales.
Make se refiere a causar o crear algo.
Sin embargo, es mejor aprender las expresiones fijas.
  • do (did, done)
    You have to do these exercises for tomorrow.
    I want you to do these exercises for tomorrow.
    This won't do you any harm.

  • make (made, made)
    I've made a cake.
    I'd like to make you an offer.
    He made me read that book.
    I was made to read that book.

  • Common expressions
    You do...
    a favour
    a job
    a service
    an exercise
    an operation
    business with somebody
    military service
    something for a living
    the dishes
    the ironing
    the cooking
    the shopping
    the washing
    your homework
    your best/worst
    your duty
    your teeth

    You make...
    a change
    a choice
    a complaint
    a decision
    a demand
    a discovery
    a fortune
    a fuss about something
    a guess
    a journey
    a mess
    a mistake
    a noise
    a profit/loss
    a report
    a request
    a speech
    a treaty with somebody
    a trip
    an appointment
    an arrangement
    an effort
    an excuse for something
    an offer
    certain of/about something
    friends with somebody
    fun of something
    peace with somebody
    room for something
    sure of something
    the bed
    the best of something
    the most of something
    trouble for somebody
    your will
    war on somebody

  • Related words and expressions
    do it yourself (or DIY)
    : activity of making something oneself instead of employing others to do it. Eg. a do-it-yourself shop.
    do's and don'ts: rules. Eg. If you want to lose weight, here are some do's and don'ts.
    make (noun): brand. Eg. What make is your car?
    be the making of somebody: make somebody succeed. Eg. These four years of hard work will be the making of her.



Level of this activity: MediumExercise - Do or make? - Medium
Level of this activity: MediumExercise - Do or make? - Medium

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