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Teacher's Corner
Ideas and tips for EFL/ESL teachers


  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Age: Above 12


We have compiled a list of topics to make the students invent dialogues between them. Divide the class in groups of two or three and make them create one dialogue based on a subject. Then, they should perform it for the other students.

You can also record on tape the whole activity and make the students hear themselves to correct their own mistakes.


  • Topic: A couple goes to a restaurant (3 students)

Ideas: A couple arrives and the waiter makes them sit. The waiter should ask if they prefer smoking or non-smoking, a table by the window or in the center. He brings the menu. The couple discuss about the prices. They order. The waiter brings the food but the woman says that it's cold. The waiter brings a new plate. They eat and then, they ask for the bill. They pay and leave happy because it was not that expensive.


  • Topic: A man at a gas station (2 students)

Ideas: A young man arrives and asks to have the car filled up. The attendant should ask what type. The man asks the attendant to check the oil and clean the windows. The man pays.


  • Topic: At the airport (2 students)

Ideas: A man checks in at an airline counter. The attendant asks where he is going, what type of seat he prefers, how many bags he is checking in. A problem arises: The carry-on bag is too big or his bag weigh more than it's allowed and he has to pay a surcharge. The attendant gives information about the gate, boarding time and departure time.

You can obtain topic vocabulary here.


  • Topic: At a travel agency (3 students)

Ideas: A couple wants to travel for two weeks. The attendant gives several options (a cruise, a large city, a small cabin in the mountains, the beach). The couple decides to go to an expensive hotel. The attendant explains how it works, the price, the services included. Then he offers options about different airlines and available dates, and explains how to rent a car.

You can obtain topic vocabulary here.


  • Topic: Making a hotel reservation (2 students)

Ideas: A man phones the hotel to make a reservation. He can choose a single or double room, with or without breakfast, smoking or non-smoking. The man wants a room on the ground floor, he can't climb stairs. The clerk asks the man to spell his name, and then asks for a credit card number and expiration date.

You can obtain topic vocabulary here.


  • Topic: Rescheduling a hotel reservation (2 students)

Ideas: A man has a reservation and wants to change the date of arrival. The clerk asks for his name. The clerk can't find the reservation. The man spells his name. The clerk finds it and the man explain the changes. The clerk says that there is a charge for the changes.

You can obtain topic vocabulary here.


  • Topic: At a hotel (3 students)

Ideas: A couple arrives at a hotel. They don't have a reservation. The clerk explains the hotel amenities. They have to choose the type of bedroom and if they want breakfast included. The clerk asks for information about them, credit card, expiration date, home address and special needs. The woman is superstitious and doesn't want the room No. 13 so the clerk gives them another room.

You can obtain topic vocabulary here.


  • Topic: An appointment with the doctor (2 students)

Ideas: A man phones the doctor's secretary. He wants an appointment with the doctor for a general check-up. The secretary tells him the available times but the man can't go at any of these. The man can go only after 7pm, so the secretary suggests the man to come at that time, she will tell the doctor to stay later. The secretary asks for information about social security (plan, card number) and asks the man to spell his name.


  • Topic: At the doctor's (3 students)

Ideas: A man arrives to the doctor's office. He has an appointment. The secretary tells him to wait in the lobby. The doctor calls him. The man explains the health problem to the doctor. The doctor gives advice on what to do and what not to do.





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