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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés

surname = last name = family name
first name = forename (UK) = given name (US) = Christian name
middle name
full name
middle initial

pen-name = pseudonym
stage name

maiden name
= a woman's family name before marriage
married name = a woman's family name after marriage
= person or thing having the same name as another
nameless = without a name
name day
= feast day of a saint whose name one bears

nameplate =
small sign showing the name of the owner or the person who lives or works at a place

bad name =
bad reputation
good name =
good reputation
big name = important name =
famous person
name to conjure with = name that is respected and influential

by the name of = named
by name = using the person's name

in name only =
not in reality

in God's name = in Heaven's name
in the name of =
for the sake of

under the name of =
using a different name than the real one 
you name it =
everything you can think of

name-dropping = practice of mentioning names of famous people, to impress others
name-calling = action of insulting somebody
to call somebody names
= insult somebody
to call somebody all the names under the sun = insult somebody with a lot of unpleasant words
to clear somebody's name = prove that you didn't do something bad
to give somebody a bad name =
make somebody have a bad reputation
to have something to one's name =
own something
to make a name for = become well known
to name somebody after = to give a name to somebody
to name names = give the names of people being criticized, accused, praised, etc
to take somebody's name in vain = talk about somebody without showing respect

US=American English UK=British English


His surname is Douglas and his first name is Michael.
Su apellido es Douglas y su primer nombre es Michael.

Harry Potter's middle name is James.
El segundo nombre de Harry Potter es James.

At school he was given the nickname 'Speedy'.
En la escuela lo apodaban 'Speedy'.

Mark Twain was his pen-name. His real name was Samuel Clemens.
Mark Twain era su seudónimo. Su nombre real era Samuel Clemens.

The criminal used several different aliases.
El delincuente esaba varios apodos distintos.

My mother's maiden name is Sanchez.
El apellido de soltera de mi madre es Sanchez.

Roger Federer is my namesake, but unfortunately I don't play tennis like him.
Roger Federer es mi tocayo, pero lamentablemente no juego al tenis como él.

A certain person, who shall remain nameless, forgot to lock the front door.
Una cierta persona, que quedará anónima, olvidó trabar la puerta de entrada.

The nameplate on her desk said that her name was Ellen Smith.
La placa de identificación sobre su escritorio decía que su nombre era Ellen Smith.

That restaurant got a bad name for slow service.
Ese restaurante tiene mala fama por la atención lenta.

She didn't want to do anything to damage the good name of the company.
Ella no quiso hacer nada que dañara la reputación de la empresa.

The big names will be present at the Film Festival.
Los famosos estarán presentes en el Festival de Cine.

He was president in name only.
Él era presidente de nombre solamente.

It's incredible what people can do in the name of love.
Es increíble lo que puede hacer la gente en nombre del amor.

That store has everything. Books, magazines, DVDs, clothes, you name it!
Esa tienda tiene todo. Libros, revistas, DVDs, ropa, ¡lo que sea!

You can call me all the names under the sun, but it will make no difference.
Puedes insultarme de arriba a abajo, pero no hará ninguna diferencia.

Peter didn't have a penny to his name when he arrived to the country.
Peter no tenía absolutamente nada cuando llegó al país.

He quickly made a name for himself in literary circles.
Rápidamente se hizo famoso en los círculos literarios.

He was named after his father.
Él se llama así por su padre.

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