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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés

heart Muscular organ
Centre of a person’s emotions
In her heart, she knew it wasn't true.

You'd better put more heart into your work.

The most important part of something
They were in the heart of the city.

after one’s own heart Exactly as one likes
He likes dancing too! He’s a man after my own heart.
at heart Basically
There's no doubt she’s a country girl at heart.
to break somebody’s heart Make somebody feel sad
It really broke my heart to see her crying.
by heart From memory
You'll have to learn phrasal verbs by heart.
to do one’s heart good Feel encouraged, happy
It does my heart good to see you both together again.
to eat one’s heart out Tolerate one's feelings in silence
She’s been eating her heart out
in her bedroom after the fight.
from the bottom of one’s heart Sincerely
This advice comes really from the bottom of my heart.
to have one’s heart in one’s boots Be very gloomy and depressed
I've had my heart in my boots since she left.
to have one’s heart in one’s mouth Be very frightened
When the lights went out, my heart
was in my mouth.
to have one’s heart in the right place Have true feelings
I really love you and I mean it;
I have my heart in the right place.
heart and soul Enthusiastically
You should devote yourself heart and soul to this project.
a heart of gold A kind nature
At first sight, he looks bad-tempered but he’s really got a heart of gold!
a heart of stone An unfeeling nature
He's very lonely; he's got a heart of stone!
one’s heart sinks One feels disappointed
When I hear the news, my heart sank!
in good heart In good condition
You look so good! You're really in good heart!
in one’s heart In one’s conscience
In his heart he knew he was doing something wrong.
to set one’s heart on something Want something
The boy set his heart on that toy so
we'll have to buy it for his birthday.
to take something to heart Be upset by something
She really took your criticism to heart.
to one’s heart’s content As much as one likes
To my heart's content I will go
and have a big icecream!
young at heart Feeling and behaving younger
I'm 65 but I'm young at heart!

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