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Say or tell?

Fill in the blanks with say or tell. Don't forget to check the tense! Versión para imprimir

1. Laura her friends that she was going to have a party on Saturday.

2. The teacher the class to open the books.

3. Bob and Carol they had already had dinner.

4. My friends me to have a good time on my holiday.

5. My father I was doing very well at school.

6. Her parents Susan that she had forgotten her bag.

7. Lisa she was happy with the presents we gave her.

8. I my dog to sit.

9. They they loved the Swiss Alps.

10. We John that this time it was his turn to clean up.

11. Did I my brother that the plane was arriving at 5?

12. Our neighbours they were moving away at the end of the month.

13. The children Ellen was the student of the year.

14. The children Ellen that she was the best student of the year.

15. The children to Ellen that she was the best student of the year.

16. We to our parents that we didn't want to go.

17. We our parents that we didn't want to go.

18. Carol she was angry with us.

19. Carol us she was angry.


We thank Lily Adamson (from Inca, Spain) for her contribution.

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