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Phrasal verbs with off

Fill in the blanks with a phrasal verb from the list. Versión para imprimir

cut off - set off - work off - show off - go off
drop off - call off - wear off - get off

1. He is very skilful with the ball so why does he have to ? Maybe it's to impress his fans.

2. The challenger was late for the night because he travelled to the stadium by bus and unfortunately, at the wrong stop.

3. His enthusiasm for aerobics will soon . He never manages to keep up an interest for very long.

4. The standard of play has in recent years and the team is no longer attractive to watch.

5. His opponent was so slow that Boris Ivanov, chess champion of the world, was seen to between moves.

6. So much snow fell over the weekend that the skiing village of Greenforth was .

7. Sport is the best way of surplus energy.

8. Snooker is a game that requires great concentration. It's very easy to be by someone in the audience coughing.

9. The match was owing to fog in the second half.

10. They from base camp at dawn and hoped to reach the summit by lunchtime.


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