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Ways of speaking

Fill in the blanks with a verb related to ways of speaking in the correct tense and form. Versión para imprimir

blurt out - mutter - croak - stammer - chat
whisper - hesitate - yell - mumble

1. The old man walked out of the shop to himself about the price of bread.

2. Try to speak a little more clearly. You'll never learn to be an actor if you like that.

3. Would you two in the back row stop together? If you've got anything interesting to say, say it so we can all hear.

4. His favourite pastime when drunk seemed to be sitting by the road and at all the cars that passed.

5. At the end of a long and tiring campaign with many speeches, the presidential candidate was only able to his thanks to his supporters.

6. What were you talking about on the phone?
Oh, nothing special. We were just about this and that.

7. When he was taken to the police station for questioning, he the name of his accomplice.

8. 'But... but... how did you find out?' the girl 

9. It was a difficult question and she before answering.


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