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English Exercises - Ejercicios de inglés
Fill in the blanks with phrasal verbs

Completa los recuadros con el phrasal verb que corresponde. Versión para imprimir

1. They went to the bus station to find the time of the next bus to Edinburgh.

2. The teacher told the children for not doing their homework.

3. She didn't get on her new boss so she got another job.

4. While she was studying in England, she fell her landlady's son and they later got married.

5. He was turned for the job because he was too young.

6. They finally turned at the party at twelve o'clock just as everybody else was leaving.

7. A babysitter looked the kids while the parents were out.

8. I can't put up your childish behaviour any longer.

9. Please stop making noise. It's putting me my work.

10. A farmer took the travellers during the snow storm.

11. When they were cleaning out the attic, they came their grandmother's old school books.

12. After loading the car, she set on her holiday.


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