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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Equipment is used to describe the things necessary for a specific purpose. For example, the equipment needed in a hospital.
Tools is used in expressions like 'garden tools' used by a gardener and 'work tools' used by a carpenter.
Utensils is used in expressions like 'kitchen utensils'.
Apparatus is used in scientific or technical contexts, like 'gymnastic apparatus' (all the apparatus in a gym) or the apparatus used for an experiment.
Equipment se usa para describir los objetos necesarios para un fin específico. Por ejemplo, el equipamiento que se necesita en un hospital.
Tools se usa en expresiones como 'garden tools' (herramientas usadas por un jardinero) y 'work tools' (herramientas usadas por un carpintero).
Utensils se usa en expresiones como 'kitchen utensils'.
Apparatus se usa en contextos científicos o técnicos, como 'gymnastic apparatus' (todos los aparatos en un gimnasio) o los artefactos usados para un experimento.
  • equipment
    A lot of money was spent on the equipment of the new hospital.

  • tools
    The carpenter brought with him all the work tools that he needed.

  • utensils
    I will need some more kitchen utensils in order to follow this recipe for tomato soup.

  • apparatus
    Astronauts usually have special breathing apparatus.

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