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They mean the same: Paying money to be allowed to use something for a certain amount of time. Both are used in some situations:
You rent or hire a car, a bike, a TV, a camera.

Rent is preferred when talking about a flat, a house, a caravan.
Hire is also used when talking about people and tools.

When used as a noun we say 'flats to rent', but 'bikes for hire'.
Ambos significan lo mismo: Pagar dinero para obtener permiso para usar algo por un cierto período de tiempo. En algunas situaciones se usan ambos:
You rent or hire a car, a bike, a TV, a camera.

Rent es preferible al hablar de un departamento, una casa, una casa rodante.
Hire también se usa al hablar de personas y herramientas.

Cuando se usan como sustantivo decimos 'flats to rent', pero 'bikes for hire'.
  • rent (rented, rented)
    How long are you renting this car?
    She's renting a flat in the middle of the city.

  • hire (hired, hired)
    I hired this bicycle for two hours.
    My company is hiring new people.

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