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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Custom is used to refer to something considered normal or polite in other countries or in other times.
Tradition is used to refer to something that has existed for many years, and it has been passed down from previous generations.
Custom se usa para referirse a algo considerado normal o de educación en otros países o en otras épocas.
Tradition se usa para referirse a algo que ha existido por muchos años, y ha sido heredado de generaciones anteriores.
  • custom
    The Japanese have the custom of taking off their shoes before entering the house.
    The tour guide explained the local customs.
    It's the custom for the bride to get married in white.

  • tradition
    There are many ancient traditions in Japan.
    His sons followed the family tradition and became lawyers too.
    It's a tradition in our family for all first-born males to be called Charles.

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