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At last is used to say that something happens after waiting or trying for a long time, and when you're happy about it.
Lastly is used to refer to the last action in a series, the last item in a list or to introduce the last point you want to make.
At last se usa para decir que algo sucedes después de esperar o intentar por un largo tiempo, y cuando estás contento por ello.
Lastly se usa para referirse a la última acción en una serie, el último ítem de una lista o para presentar el último punto que quieres nombrar.
  • at last
    It's nice to be back home at last.
    At last, we arrived!
    At last you understand what I'm trying to say!

  • lastly
    Open the bin, load the paper and lastly turn on the printer.
    You have to add salt, oil and lastly vinegar.
    Lastly, I would like to remind you that our next meeting is on August 10th.

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