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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Fault refers to something wrong with a machine or system, or something that you can criticize about a person or thing.
Mistake refers to something wrong in somebody's decisions, calculations, spelling, grammar, etc.
Fault se refiere a algo mal en una máquina o sistema, o algo que puedes criticar sobre una persona o cosa.
Mistake se refiere a algo mal en las decisiones de alguien, cálculos, ortografía, gramática, etc.
  • fault
    The computer system stopped after a fault.
    The engine had a design fault.
    That film is good but it has a fault: it's too long.

  • mistake
    His letter is full of spelling mistakes.
    There must be some mistake with the bill.
    Buying that car was the biggest mistake she ever made.

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