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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Odd and Stange mean the same. They are used to refer to something unusual in a way that you cannot understand.
Bizarre refers to something very unusual in a way that you think is amusing or hard to believe.
Odd y Stange signfican lo mismo. Se usan para referirse a algo inusual en una forma que no puedes comprender.
Bizarre se refiere a algo muy inusual en una forma que crees que es divertida o difícil de creer.
  • odd
    It seemed odd that he didn't say goodbye before leaving.
    That was an odd thing to say.
    His behaviour seems odd to me.

  • strange
    I heard strange noises coming from the basement.
    It's strange that we have never seen each other before.
    His behaviour seems strange to me.

  • bizarre
    That is a bizarre haircut.
    She had a bizarre sense of humour.
    They were wearing some bizarre costumes for Mardi Gras.

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