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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Fix is often used to talk about repairing a vehicle or a machine.
Mend is often used to talk about repairing holes in clothes, shoes, roofs or roads. It can also be used to talk about repairing anything that is broken.
Fix se usa a menudo para hablar de reparar un vehículo o una máquina.
Mend se usa a menudo para hablar de reparar agujeros en la ropa, zapatos, techos o caminos. Puede usarse también para hablar de reparar algo que está roto.
  • fix
    Our car isn't working, but Dad will fix it soon.
    Oh, no! The computer got stuck again. Can you fix it?
    The little boy fixed the brakes on the bicycle by himself.

  • mend
    I think we'll need to mend the roof soon.
    His mother mended his trousers.
    Those shoes need to be mended.

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