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Luck is an uncountable noun. You cannot say "to have luck", you have to add something before: "to have bad luck", "to have good luck", "to have a bit of luck", "to have no luck", "to have the luck to do something".

If you want to talk about one lucky event, you have to use a form like "a piece of luck" or "a stroke of luck".

Lucky is an adjective. You can say "somebody is lucky".
Luck es un sustantivo incontable. No puedes decir "to have luck" (tener suerte), debes agregar algo antes: "to have bad luck" (tener mala suerte), "to have good luck" (tener buena suerte), "to have a bit of luck" (tener un poco de suerte), "to have no luck" (no tener suerte), "to have the luck to do something" (tener la suerte de hacer algo).

Si quieres hablar de un suceso con suerte, debes usar una expresión como "a piece of luck" o "a stroke of luck" (ambas significan un golpe de suerte).

Lucky es un adjetivo. Puedes decir "somebody is lucky" (alguien tiene suerte).
  • luck
    I'm not having much luck today.
    Bad luck seems to follow her everywhere.
    You have the luck to live in the countryside.

  • lucky
    She was lucky and passed the exam.
    You'll be lucky if you can get your money back.
    It's your lucky day, so you are going to win!

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