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In general, we say afraid to do (using the to-infinitive) to talk about the real action we are afraid to do.
We say afraid of doing (using of+gerund) to talk about other possible actions that may happen which would make us feel afraid.
En general, se dice afraid to do (usando el to-infinitive) para hablar de la acción real que nos da miedo llevar a cabo.
Se dice afraid of doing (usando of+gerund) para hablar de otras acciones posibles que podrían ocurrir y que nos darían miedo.
  • afraid to do
    She is afraid to speak in front of all those people.
    (She doesn't want to speak in front of all those
    people because she's afraid.)

  • afraid of doing
    She is afraid of saying something wrong.
    (She is afraid because she might say something wrong.)

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