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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
¿Qué es un idiom?
Un "idiom" o "idiomatic expression" es una frase idiomática utilizada en lenguaje coloquial informal.

En general, el significado de la frase en sí es diferente al significado normal de cada palabra por separado. Por ejemplo, "to let the cat out of the bag" significa "revelar un secreto". Si traducimos palabra por palabra, sería "dejar salir al gato de la bolsa", lo cual es incorrecto.

La dificultad para los estudiantes de inglés radica en que no pueden traducirse literalmente y deben aprenderse de memoria, aunque en algunos casos existen equivalentes muy similares en el idioma español.

Lee las explicaciones y luego realiza el ejercicio.

  • the salt of the earth = a very good and honest person.
    Jack is the salt of the earth.not my cup of tea
  • not my cup of tea = something that you don't like much.
    Rock isn't my cup of tea. I prefer jazz.
  • a butterfingers = somebody who often drops things.
    Sally is so clumsy, she's really a butterfingers!
  • a piece of cake = something very easy.
    Learning English is a piece of cake!
  • full of beans = full of energy.
    Sheila is full of beans this morning!
  • nuts / bananas = crazy.
    I'm going to go nuts/bananas if I don't get a new job soon.
  • peanuts = a very small amount of money.
    Hotel workers usually get paid peanuts.
  • the cream of something = the best things or people from a group.
    Our university only takes the cream of applicants.
  • the cream of the crop = the best of all.
    The students at this university are the cream of the crop.
  • as cool as a cucumber = relaxed, calm.
    The driver was as cool as a cucumber when the police stopped him.
  • a lemon = a silly person.
    Thomas behaved like a real lemon at the party last night.
  • sour grapes = something important that somebody pretends that has no value.
    He says he doesn't want to marry her, but that's just sour grapes.
  • sour-faced = showing dislike for something or somebody.
    Tim's girlfriend was sour-faced when she saw him talking to another girl.

We thank Francis Dixon-Clarke (from Sao Paulo, Brazil) for his contribution.

Choose the right answer.

1. Thomas is always throwing things as he walks, he's a real .

2. I had my final exams yesterday but I was  .

3. This company only takes qualified people. All its employees are .

4. I have to admit that Portuguese is . I prefer English.

5. Susan is always coming and going, she's so !

6. You can't trust Peter. He's a real .

7. In many countries people are paid  for their jobs.

8. This exercise is  .

9. My boss was when I told him that the job was not finished yet.

10. You can trust Peter. He's  .

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