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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Than is a conjunction used when comparing two things, people or situations.
Then is an adverb used to say what happens next or at a particular time. It's also used when saying what the result of a situation will be.
Than es una conjunción usada al comparar dos cosas, personas o situaciones.
Then es un adverbio usado para decir lo que sucede a continuación o en un momento determinado. También se usa al decir cuál será el resultado de una situación.
  • than
    This car is more expensive than mine.
    Anne is younger than Paul.
    Learning languages is more common than it was some years ago.

  • then
    Mix all the ingredients, then add the eggs.
    I went to Germany in 1980. It was still divided in two then.
    If you don't eat all your food, then you will not play with the computer.

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