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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Travel is used to mean the general activity of moving from one place to another.
Journey refers to travelling a long distance, or travelling regularly, emphasizing on the idea of travelling itself.
Trip refers to travelling a short distance, or an unusual journey, emphasizing on the place or the reason of travelling.
Travel se usa para referirse a la actividad general de moverse de un lugar a otro.
Journey se refiere a viajar una distancia larga, o viajar con frecuencia, enfatizando la idea del viaje en sí mismo.
Trip se refiere a viajar una distancia corta, o un viaje inusual, enfatizando el lugar o la razón del viaje.
  • travel
    Air travel is faster than rail travel.
    His job involves a lot of travelling.

  • journey
    We had a long journey through the mountains.
    He usually reads the paper during the train journey to work.

  • trip
    His job involves a lot of business trips.
    Our trip to Las Vegas was great.

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