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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Glance means to look quickly and deliberately.
Glimpse means to see something/somebody by chance for a very short time. The expression "to get/catch a glimpse of" is also used.
Glance significa mirar rápida y deliberadamente.
Glimpse significa ver algo/a alguien de casualidad por muy poco tiempo. También se usa la expresión "to get/catch a glimpse of".
  • glance (glanced, glanced)
    The man glanced around the restaurant and saw all tables were taken.
    He glanced at his watch and said it was time to go.
    He glanced at the newspaper headlines.

  • glimpse (glimpsed, glimpsed)
    I glimpsed somebody behind the curtain.
    She glimpsed a shadow at the window.
    We got a glimpse of Julia Roberts as she hurried past.

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