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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés

flavour (GB), flavor (US) sabor, gusto
taste sabor
taste sentido del gusto
bad taste mal sabor
good taste buen gusto
taste bud papila gustativa
delicious delicioso
savoury (GB), savory (US) sabroso
tasty sabroso
appetizing apetitoso
mouthwatering muy apetitoso
disgusting asqueroso
flavourless (GB), flavorless (US) soso, sin sabor
tasteless soso, sin sabor
flat insípido
hot, spicy picante
mild, bland suave
bitter amargo
sour agrio
sweet dulce
sweet and sour agridulce
salty salado
sugary dulce, azucarado
sickly empalagoso
to become bitter avinagrarse
to dislike disgustar
to like gustar
to turn sour agriarse
to taste catar, probar, degustar
to taste of saber a

US=American English GB=British English


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