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Distance learning is becoming more popular in our society. However, this system dates back to as as 1728, when an advertisement was published seeking students who wanted to receive lessons by regular post.

Some time , in 1858, the University of London was the first university to offer distance-learning degrees. The largest university in the United Kingdom using this method is the Open University. There are now many similar institutions the world with this same name.

its primary delivery methodologies, it used television and radio. In the twentieth century, the Internet helped to expand the system to more students.

In fact, the technology used may be divided two groups: synchronous and asynchronous. The former allows all participants to be connected at the time with their tutor. The offers the students the possibility of using the materials independently, on their schedule.

Distance education provides great benefits to those cannot attend a school because they live too far or have limited mobility. It also gives adults the opportunity to keep learning during their free time.


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