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English Exercises - Ejercicios de inglés
Word building

Completa los recuadros con una palabra formada a partir de la palabra dada entre paréntesis. Versión para imprimir

1. The judge told him it was (responsible) to drink and drive, and banned him for a year.

2. She divorced him because of his (kind) to the children.

3. The keys were locked inside the car. (luck) , a side window was open.

4. Thousands of people are living in (miserable) after the terrible earthquake.

5. Her boss accused her of being over- (ambition) .

6. This poem shows the wonderful (sensitive) of the poet.

7. The evening was (enjoy) spent playing cards and talking.

8. Due to the clerk's (stubborn) , we missed the train.

9. The thing I hate about John is his (reliable) .

10. She upset him with a (tact) remark about his big nose.


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