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In April 1896, an Irishman the name of John Pius Boland was in Athens visiting the famous German archaelogist, Schliemann, it came to his ears that there was a sporting event place in the city. Being a keen tennis player, he decided to investigate further and discovered his surprise that the event in question was none other the first ever Modern Olympic Games and that a variety of events it included a tennis tournament.

Being only of modest standard, he borrowed a pair of white trousers and a racquet, entered and won the gold medal. Encouraged by his success, he teamed up in the men's doubles a German, Fritz Krauern, and won that too, entering in the record books the first man to share an Olympic gold medal with one of another nationality.

"The important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning taking part," declared the founder of the Modern Olympics.

Doubtless anyone who fought well and won in those first Games felt every bit satisfied with their achievements as any of today's competitors.

By the way, the victory podium, along flags and national anthems, was not introduced the Los Angeles Games of 1932.


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