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My favourite room
(Sent by Jordi Floriach, a student from Barcelona, Spain)

My favourite room is my bedroom. I love it because it's my place to relax and concentration to concentrate. When I stay in my bedroom I feel good, it is like to be floating in a cloud. It's the place where I'm reading, listening to the music or learning by night for exams, maybe it is where I pass a part of my time.

My room has been witness of my personal evolution, it has seen me grow, play, laugh and cry. That place is like a great factory of ideas and thoughts, where I have shaped my victories and my mistakes. The light of the window gives me force at the difficult moments.

The room is about 6 to 7 metres long and 4 metres wide. If you go into it, you can see three pictures hung hanging in the wall, two are of Paul Klee and the other is one photography of the Guggenheim museum. Also you can find a writing desk in front of the bed.

I think that my room is very special to me because it's the calm in the multitude and the disconnection of the reality.

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