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My next holidays
(Sent by Beatriz Méndez Baiges, a student from Menorca, Spain)

My husband and I are both teachers, therefore we have plenty of time during summer time. We have a sailing boat and every year we plan a trip around the Mediterranean Sea.

On July 1st. we will leave Menorca with our kids. We want to arrive to Greece with our boat. First, we want to go to Tunissia, we will depart from Mahon and our first stop will be in Carloforte, a very small and pretty island in the south of Sardegna. It will take us around a day and a half to get there from Menorca so we will rest there for some hours before reaching Tunissia.

We love fishing and every time we go from Menorca to Carloforte we take three or four tunas, once we get to the harbour we like to go to the fish market and sell the tunas there, it would be impossible for us to eat all of them.

My kids love swimming and the beach, they could swim all day long, sometimes I think they are half fishes.

Last year we went to the Ionians Islands in Greece, those are gorgeous islands too. When you travel like this you can't really make plans because you are always depending on the weather and you never know when or where you will arrive. We like that kind of life, we don't have to care much about laundry, clothes, cleaning the house or things like those.

Therefore my next holidays I will go where the wind decides to take me and I am sure, like every year, my holidays will be great. See you some place around there.

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