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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Canvas is a noun that refers to the strong cloth on which a painting is done. It also means the cloth used to make bags or tents.
Canvass is a verb that means to ask somebody's opinion or suggestion.
Canvas es un sustantivo que se refiere a la tela dura sobre la cual se pinta un cuadro. También significa la tela usada para fabricar bolsos o carpas (tiendas de campaña).
Canvass es un verbo que significa pedir a alguien una opinión o sugerencia.
  • canvas
    He always carries a canvas to paint near the river.
    On this gallery you will see a famous canvas by Monet.
    This bag is made of a strong canvas.

  • canvass
    Police canvassed the district searching for information.
    The mayor decided to canvass all neighbours about their needs.
    Politicians always canvass support during their campaigns.

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