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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Especially is used to say that something applies more to one thing than to others.
Specially is used to say that something is done for a particular purpose.

Before adjectives it's better to use especially to emphasize them. For example, especially good (but not specially good).

Especially cannot be used at the beginning of a sentence.
She loves vegetables. She especially likes carrots (but not Especially she likes carrots).
Especially se usa para decir que algo se aplica más a una cosa que a otras.
Specially se usa para decir que algo es hecho para un fin determinado.

Antes de adjetivos es mejor usar especially para enfatizarlos. Por ejemplo, especially good (pero no specially good).

Especially no puede usarse al comienzo de una oración.
She loves vegetables. She especially likes carrots (pero no Especially she likes carrots).
  • especially
    We should practice more, especially grammar.
    Everybody likes this cake, especially the children.
    This part of the film is especially interesting.

  • specially
    This mouse is specially designed for left-handed people.
    I made this cake specially for you.
    She specially liked the cake.

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