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English Vocabulary - Vocabulario de inglés
Clothes means "the things that people wear to cover their body". It's always used in plural. To refer to only one thing, we say a piece/item/article of clothing.
Cloth means "the material used for making clothes".
Clothes significa "las cosas que la gente usa para cubrirse el cuerpo". Siempre se usa en plural. Para referirse a solamente un objeto, se dice a piece/item/article of clothing.
Cloth significa "el material usado para fabricar la ropa".
  • clothes
    I had a shower and put on clean clothes.
    She went shopping for new clothes but only got one piece of clothing.
    Do you like wearing casual clothes?

  • cloth
    This shirt is made from fine cotton cloth.
    My suit is made from woollen cloth.
    That is a dress of the finest silk cloth.

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